My high schooler, Jasper just finished up the two-week jazz ambassadors program and it was fantastic with a rockin’ final concert of VERY into it kids and wonderful music selections.
— Summer Jazz Ambassador parent

Seattle JazzED's Summer Jazz Ambassadors program combines performance training with community outreach. Students of ranging age and skill level with an interest in team work and leadership are encouraged to sign up. The outreach component of this program are workshops facilitated by Jazz Ambassadors in the second week of each session for children in other Seattle youth programs.

High school students encouraged to apply to be Leaders-In-Training (see description below).

Program Details

Coming soon. 

MLK FAME Community Center, 3201 E Republican St, Seattle WA 98112

Coming soon. Payment plans and financial aid will be available.

We're committed to this program being affordable for families. If the tuition is too expensive for you at this time, for whatever reason, please apply for financial aid online BEFORE you register. We will get back to you quickly, typically within 2 business days. If you have any questions about financial aid or payment plans, contact us. We are committed to making it work for everyone, in fact, 40% of JazzED families receive some amount of financial aid!

Coming in March 2018. Open to student musicians in grades 6-12. Non-traditional jazz instruments are welcome. We have limits on how many students we can accept on each instrument in order to keep the ensemble balanced. For example, once we have the maximum number of trumpets signed up for a session, we will create a wait list for that instrument.


Sample Week 1

Students will work together in a large ensemble focused on developing improv skills, sectional ethics and musical knowledge around a broad base of Jazz-related sub-genres: Blues, Straight-Ahead, Be-Bop, Funk, Fusion, Soul, Salsa, Samba, Afro-Beat, Reggae and more. Elements of historical and current music genres will be explored through chart reading, improvising and learning by ear. Students will practice public speaking by developing their own musical journey story.

Sample Week 2

Students will put their newly acquired skills to practice by presenting JazzED music education workshops for students from other youth programs in Seattle. During these workshops, JazzED students will gain invaluable experience in public speaking, performing and community diplomacy by sharing their music, their instruments and their unique perspectives as an ambassador for jazz music. Students will celebrate their new skills and friendships with a final concert.


Are you in high school or going to be entering high school in the fall?

We encourage you to apply to be in a music leadership training program as part of the regular Summer Jazz Ambassadors program. Duties include leading sectionals, curriculum support and serving as mentors to younger students. LIT's receive 30 community service hours for graduation requirements and a letter of recommendation for their respective college/job applications. LIT's begin each session day at 10 AM, one hour earlier than other students.

To enroll as a Leader-in-Training, register as an LIT and then complete a simple supplemental form.

Got questions? Send an email to info [at] seattlejazzed [dot] org or call 206.324.5299