Please read this page completely before booking a band or second line.

The group last night was fantastic! Our guests really enjoyed hearing their music. They are all true professionals in the making.
— Rose Unk, Washington University in St. Louis
Photo by C.B. Bell

Photo by C.B. Bell

Our party was a great success and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the music. I mean thoroughly! So many people told me how they were lifted from hearing the music. I believe people who haven’t felt much joy in their bodies and spirits of late WERE truly lifted by the music. Our deepest gratitude!
— Rachel, Community Volunteer

Booking FAQ:

Who's in the band? A typical JazzED band consists of 2-3 students and one professional but can be made smaller or a bit bigger as needed. This includes the rhythm section (for example: bass, drums, guitar, and/or piano) together with instrumental soloists such as saxophone, trumpet, or trombone. The specific combo that you hire will be subject to availability. A JazzED second line is a larger group of musicians and they play for a shorter period of time. If you have questions about if this option is right for you, contact

How much does it cost? $350 for a JazzED band for 2 hours of music. $500 for a JazzED second line. Please ask us about free or reduced rates if you're booking on behalf of an organization that serves low income people.

How long can they play? Please note this applies to a JazzED band (trio or quartet, typically) only. The musicians arrive 30 minutes before the event start time and play for up to 2 hours, with a 10-minute break between sets. Slightly longer times can be negotiated, however playing time must be clearly-defined.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The combo will stop playing at the scheduled time regardless of when that falls in the actual event. If at the time of the event you need to extend or change their schedule, you will be billed for the extra time.

What do they wear? All black, business casual, or JazzED t-shirts. That's up to you.

How do I schedule a band or second line? We typically need one month notice. We generally can't schedule gigs during school hours. All gigs must be in the Seattle area, unless special arrangements are made.

The JazzED Second line was by far one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the wedding, and from what I hear for our guests as well. It started the celebration with a wonderful, fun vibe that carried through the rest of our evening. The musicians that led us down Fremont Ave were talented, and they sure did know where to stop to gather the guests for a circle of music and dance as we made our way. Thanks for helping us put this together and making sure our six block walk was such fun.
— Diane T.

Important things to consider:

Space - A trio requires approximately an 8'x8' space. Larger combos require a 10'x10' space minimum.

Power -  Musicians will supply their own cords. They will need access to a power outlet. A JazzED second line does not need access to power.

Equipment - If you would like the combo to make any announcements, a microphone will need to be provided. Seating for rhythm players should be also be provided by you.

Piano -  Tell us if there will be a piano on-site, or if there will be room for an electronic keyboard (which can be provided by the pianist). No piano is needed for a JazzED second line.

Water - Plan to provide bottled water for the musicians, or easy access to a water fountain. 

Outdoors -  The same requirements for space and power apply. A tent or covered area is needed to protect musicians and their instruments from sunlight and weather. Nighttime performances will require lighting for musicians to read their music. A hard surface should be put down over grassy areas for flooring under the combo.

Parking -  The musicians will arrive at your event independently. It is helpful for musicians to know where they can temporarily park their cars to unload their equipment. Other useful specifics include: what door to enter through, ramps, elevators to use, as well as instructions of how to reach the performance site. Nearby parking and possible fees are also useful information to know in advance.

Payment - An electronic Letter of Agreement will be provided to you by Seattle JazzED along with instructions on where to pay your donation, either via mail or online.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please Kelly Clingan at

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful music Saturday evening! Everyone had a great time and I continue to hear compliments about what a great job you all did.
— Julianne Patterson, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation