April 2018
"JazzED In Our Valley"

October 2017
VOICE of Washington Music Educators:
"The Educational Jazz Band: Where Are the Girls?"



September 4, 2017
KNKX 88.5 FM: 
"The Seattle JazzED Invasion" (with audio and video!)

Twenty-eight teenagers filled several rooms at KNKX's Seattle studios...On paper, it looked like disaster but the kids made it work...

 Image by Adam Hancher

Image by Adam Hancher

January 23, 2017
Seattle Met Magazine: "Loud and Proud: Girls Ellington Project Gives Voice to the Disenfranchised"

December 20, 2016, KNKX 88.5 Public Radio: ""Hey Ladies! JazzED's Melba Liston All-Stars" 

December 1, 2016: Earshot Jazz Magazine: "Seattle JazzED Debuts First WeBop Classes on the West Coast"

April 1, 2016, Jazz Journalists Association: "Laurie de Koch, 2016 Seattle Jazz Hero"

March 31, 2016, ParentMap Magazine, 2016 Superheroes Awards: "The Jazz Teachers: Clarence Acox Jr. and Jacob Zimmerman"

February 16, 2016, KUOW 94.9 FM: "Seattle Girls' Jazz Band Shatters Stereotypes"

August 31, 2015, City Arts Magazine: "Mayor's Arts Award: Seattle JazzED"

July 23, 2015, Seattle Times: "Mayor's Arts Award Winners"

April 21, 2015, Conn-Selmer Education Newsletter "Getting Jazzed in Seattle"

Earshot Jazz Publication "2014 Golden Ear Awards Recipients"

March 20, 2015, Seattle ParentMap: "Reclaiming the Arts in Schools"

November 19, 2014, King 5 New Day Northwest: Talented Students from Seattle JazzED perform (video)

July 23, 2014, Examiner.com: "Seattle JazzED links area children to jazz programs, helps those in need"

November 22, 2010, KPLU 88.5: "Jazz program hopes to strike a chord with Seattle kids"

December 15, 2010, The Seattle Times: "Jazz taught in the key of all"

December 13, 2010, Crosscut.com: "New jazz group matches budding musicians with legendary teachers"