Big Band Ensemble Placements

Students will be placed in an ensemble by Seattle JazzED educators based on their playing and sight-reading abilities in a group setting. Students will be sent two songs (charts) by email, two weeks prior, to play at their placement day. The charts will also appear on this page in the section below. 

The charts will be carefully selected standards with recordings that are readily available. In addition, the charts will be age appropriate and everyone in your grade group will get the same pieces. You'll be evaluated in an ensemble, and as part of your instrument section playing this music. It's also possible that you may be asked to play on your own for a brief period of time. 

The placements are designed to place your student in the JazzED Big Band Ensemble where they will best learn and be challenged. If you have any concerns about the charts once they're released, please contact

GRADES 5 & 6
Nov 17, 9am-11am

GRADES 7 & 8
Nov 17, 11:30am-1:30pm

GRADES 9 & 10
Sunday, Nov 18, 9am-11am

GRADES 11 & 12
Nov 18, 11:30am-1:30pm

New Works Ensemble & Creative Orchestra Project Placements

Sunday, Nov 18, 9am-11am (grades 9-12) 

Sunday, Nov 18, 11:30am-1:30pm (grades 6-12)

You will meet one-on-one with the ensemble director Wayne Horvitz. Please prepare a piece you are currently working on and come ready to sight-read and discuss your musical interests and experience. 

Placement slots are first come, first served in your grade time frame.  

Nina Simone Vocal Ensemble Placements

Nov 17, 9am-11am
You will meet one-on-one with the ensemble director Cora Jackson. Students will evaluated on rhythm, tone and range, and asked to harmonize and hold melody.  You may bring a prepared piece to sing but it is not required.

Placement slots are first come, first served in your time frame.  

If you want to be placed in a Big Band Ensembles AND either the New Works, Creative Orchestra Project or Nina Simone Vocal Ensemble, please prepare according to those placement instructions as well. We will pull you from the Big Band Ensemble placements for a brief one-on-one placement with either Wayne or Cora.

IMPORTANT: Depending on competition for certain instrument spots, we usually cannot place students in both a Big Band Ensemble and the New Works Ensemble. If you try out for both, you may be placed in one or the other. In recent years the only instruments we've been able to place in both ensembles have been trombonists due to a shortage. Students who would like to play in a Big Band Ensemble and the Creative Orchestra Project or the Nina Simone Vocal Ensemble will be able to. 

Your ensemble placement will be emailed after placements, within 1-2 weeks. If you accept your placement, you will then register for your ensemble and select your tuition level and payment plan at that time. Weekly rehearsals (and sectionals for certain ensembles) begin in January.

    Planning ahead!

    We are committed to this program being financially accessible for ALL families. You select the tuition amount that works for you. 

    Your tuition payment helps cover the cost of renting class space and paying our educators a fair wage, as well as classroom supplies, sheet music, etc.

    • $1,175, $235/month, do not enter any code
    • $925, $185/month, enter code NINETWENTYFIVE
    • $675, $135/month, enter code SIXSEVENTYFIVE
    • $425, $85/month, enter code FOURTWENTYYFIVE
    • $250, $50/month, enter code TWOFIFTY

    You will have the option of entering a sliding scale tuition code on the registration check-out page. Be sure to select the payment plan option if you want to break your payments up. Please note you will also have the option of paying your chosen amount in full if you prefer  

    If you'd like to pay a different sliding scale amount than the options here, fill out our easy online form, and we'll send you a custom tuition code. 

    Have questions about how this works? Contact us and we'll get right back to you!