Harness the internet to get better at music!

Unless otherwise noted, these apps (A) or websites (W) are free.



Cleartune (A)
Chromatic tuner and pitch pipe with support for custom temperaments, transposition, alternate notations, and adjustable calibration

Metronome Ϟ (A)
Extremely accurate metronome app. Provides audio and visual feedback, and easy to use timer to track practice sessions.

iReal Pro (A) $14
Simulates a real-sounding band to accompany as you practice and can collect chord charts for reference.


Audipo (A)
A music player that can change music speed from x0.5 - x2.0 without affecting pitch.

Shazam (A)
Identifies songs while on or offline, and can save the most recent results or share them with friends


Perfect Ear (A)
Ear training app with melodic dictation exercises and customizable interval, scale, chord and rhythm training exercises


Hi-Q Voice Recorder (A)
Features an automatic upload/save option, customizable audio quality, and microphone input selection.

Beat maker pro Drum Pad (A)
The easiest way to master the art of beat-making in no time!

MuseScore (W)
Creates, plays, and prints beautiful sheet music for virtually any instrument, ensemble, or genre.

Groovebox (A)
A beats and synths studio app