Jazz, an essential part of America’s DNA, makes a perfect vehicle for teaching life skills like focus, teamwork, and confidence. Through jazz, students find their voice—whether or not they become professional musicians. 

Historically, the jazz scene is where racial and other barriers were broken in Seattle. Jazz artists created a community for themselves where anyone was welcome- a love of music was the only requirement. JazzED is dedicated to continuing that tradition by welcoming every student who wants to play, and intentionally bringing together students with different life experiences.

Jazz elevates every voice—a vibrant model and metaphor for democracy. At JazzED, that includes specifically our students from historically disenfranchised groups: girls, people of color, and under-resourced communities.

Many of our programs have sliding scale tuition, and we provide a free loaner instrument for any student that needs one. We believe that any student who wants to play should get to play—it makes our city more just, inclusive, creative (and fun!).


JazzED has programs for all ages. Babies and toddlers get to explore music at WeBop, a jazz education program developed by Jazz at Lincoln Center. Kids and their caregivers enjoy live music, story time, and lots of dancing!


Beginner musicians can learn flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, drums, piano, or choir in our Prep Ensembles.

More experienced students have many options, including several traditional big bands, two ensembles for strings and other non-traditional jazz instruments, a vocal ensemble, and a drumline. JazzED also offers several one-day workshops as well as numerous summer camps.

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If you need music at your next event, book a live band from JazzED!

Choose between a small combo (trio or quartet) or a Second Line (a larger group of musicians who specialize in high-energy, processional music in the New Orleans tradition). Either way, you’ll impress everyone with your taste in music and support top notch high school musicians at the same time. Great for weddings, parties, and corporate events.

Photo credit: jennygg.com

Photo credit: jennygg.com

What’s next for JazzED?



As the quintessential Black American art form, learning the history of jazz is learning America’s social and cultural history.

JazzED students are in community with Seattle’s rich jazz tradition, which stretches from the early Jackson Street jazz scene with Ray Charles, Quincy Jones and Ernestine Anderson, to the smooth jazz of Kenny G, through to the improvisational jazz of Wayne Horvitz and Bill Frisell.

Seattle JazzED is honored to continue this legacy by providing high quality jazz education to students in the Seattle area. We want this opportunity for every Seattle student, but lack of space holds us back. In just nine years, we’ve grown from serving 56 young musicians to more than 1,300 directly, and we know there are 2,000 more students we could serve.  

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