Policies and Need-to-Know Information

Performances Dress Code
As part of the educational curriculum, all of the ensembles will have performance opportunities during the academic school year. Performance attire is the JazzED t-shirt and black pants or skirt, unless otherwise noted.

Family and Student Communication
Email is the main form of communication between JazzED and participating families. All families must provide at least one parent/guardian email address to insure receipt of relevant rehearsal, performance and special event information.

Rehearsal Schedule
Refer to the program calendar on our website for the rehearsal and performance schedule. We will email families when there are rehearsal changes.

Bad Weather
Seattle JazzED will cancel rehearsals due to inclement weather when Seattle Public Schools
cancels school. In the case of weekend practices, we will send an email to ensemble members and guardians. In the case of a cancellation, JazzED will make every attempt to make-up missed rehearsals.

School Music Participation
Seattle JazzED is committed to an alliance with our public and private schools. Toward that end, JazzED students are expected to participate in their school music programs wherever they exist. Your participation in your school programs gives you daily playing opportunities which will only improve the quality of your experience at JazzED and the quality of your JazzED ensemble’s performance. Your participation in JazzED will in turn promote a higher quality experience for your school ensembles.

Fundraising and Financials
Seattle JazzED is a nonprofit organization with an annual budget of approximately $1.3 million.  Because we are committed to providing access to all students regardless of their ability to pay and because
tuition alone does not cover the cost of running the organization, we must raise 50% of our revenue through donations from individuals, foundations, city/county/state grants and corporate sponsorships.

Seattle JazzED does periodic fundraising through events, email and mail.  We understand that, for many families, tuition alone is a major sacrifice, and we are grateful for your participation.  We also know that some families can make an additional donation. Regardless of where your family falls on this spectrum, we value each and every member of our community and we thank you for your patience, understanding and support as we work to raise the funds that make JazzED possible. 

Attendance Policy

Your consistent attendance demonstrates dedication and accountability to the ensemble which depends on a high level of commitment from every individual.

How do I take an excused absence?

If a student will be late to a rehearsal or needs to miss it altogether because of sports, family obligations, school concerts, etc., the student or parent must report that right away. Courtesy dictates that you let us know as soon as possible (at least two weeks whenever possible) ahead of time that you will be missing a rehearsal. To request an excused absence, please complete the Absence Form on our website at www.seattlejazzed.org/absence. This lets our staff know, who in turn notify the ensemble director.

A student who misses three or more rehearsals (combos and large ensembles) due to excused absences may be asked to leave the group.

Tracking Attendance

Attendance records will be tracked regularly by Seattle JazzED faculty and staff. If a student misses a rehearsal without submitting the Absence Form ahead of time, this is considered an unexcused absence. If this occurs, families will receive an email or phone call to determine the reason for the absence.

The absence form should be completed as much ahead of time as possible. Forms submitted after the date of the missed class or rehearsal will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and may not necessarily count as an excused absence each time.

Missing two rehearsals unreported may result in being asked to leave the group.

Concert Attendance Policy

Concert attendance is mandatory except in the case of a conflicting school performance or emergency. If you will be missing a concert due to an emergency call or text Kelly immediately on her cell phone at 206-981-9451 so we can make sure your part will be covered. Periodically, performances may be added to an ensemble’s calendar. At such times, we will make every effort to give notice, well in advance.

If you have any questions, please contact us HERE or call us at 206-324-JAZZ(5299).