Thank you to these 71 donors who GaveBIG to Seattle JazzED.
And a special thank you to the two anonymous donors who supplied the $5k match. 
You raised $12,569 to support music education!

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Kathleen Baker
Kris Becker
Jeffrey Bell
Nicole Bell
C E Berglund
Melia Brooks
David Carter
Mary Casey
Elizabeth Cauble
Susan Chua
Judy Cites
Kristen Cortez
Robin Dearling
Shaune DeMers
Claire Dyckman
Judy Eaton
Delia Floor
Elizabeth Friedland
Frank Fulton
Sarah Fulton
Joe Foucault
Leah Gibson

Paul Gillespie
Barbara Grant
Jennifer Grant
Mary Kay Gugerty
Don Guthrie
Joyce Hammar
Jane Howard
Mary Ellen Hudgins
Amy Isaacson
Jessica Knight
Matthew Lawrence
Cosette LeCiel
James Levitt
Andrew Luthringer
William Lynch
Nora MacDonald
Jeff Madsen
Linda Martinez
Michaele Miller
Marjorie Murray
Penelope Nichols
Becky O'Boyle
Rebecca O'Neil
Katherine Pike
Meaghan Quinlan
Raegen Rasnic
Beth Rocha
Rick Rosenberry
Martha Rothe
Shelley Rousseau
James Salmon
Amy Samuels

Charles Sawyer
Kevin Shannon
Audrey Sheffield
Nancy Smith
Kristin Strout
Linda Tanner
Neal Thompson
Gay Townsend
Selim Tuncel
Kathie Varney
Teresa Wallenfels
Kathleen Whalen
Laura Widdice
Bryan and Sally Yates
Natalie Zheng

Amos Kennedy in his Detroit studio

Donate $100 or more and get a JazzED poster by the legendary printer Amos Kennedy.

Our poster proclaims: "Jazz is a Black American art form shared by every culture - using improvisation and individual interpretation as powerful means of expression...A music born of struggle and resiliency...striving for freedom and peace."

+ All gifts get a JazzED sticker!