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When we launched Seattle JazzGiveED back in 2010, we did so with the dream that any kid could walk through our doors and get excellent music education. That first year, 56 kids needed us. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine that 8 years later, we would be serving nearly 1,000 kids from all over the Seattle region.

As our enrollment has grown, so has the need for scholarships. Today almost half of all students at JazzED need a scholarship to make their music studies possible. 

It’s so inspiring to witness our mission in action, and deeply humbling to know that because of you, our donors, JazzED is for everyone.

We believe in the power of excellent music education to create not only successful musicians but successful human beings. Our students learn the values of discipline, focus and teamwork, and through performing, our students learn to take risks and conquer fear. 

We believe all children deserve this education, but it’s only possible with the support of a generous community.

If you love the mission of Seattle JazzED, please take one minute to keep it thriving and growing for another year. 

Early giving starts Thursday, April 26. Schedule your GiveBIG donation today.
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GiveBIG gifts for YOU - Show your love for all things Seattle JazzED

Jazzy T-Shirt 🎺

Amos Kennedy in his Detroit studio

Give $100 or more for GiveBIG and we'll send you the limited-edition JazzED trumpet t-shirt. 

Snazzy sticker ✨ (perfect for an instrument case)

Give $10 or more and we'll include the new die-cut vinyl JazzED saxophone sticker in your thank-you card.  

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Thank you! If you have any questions about GiveBIG please email