Make a GiveBIG donation so EVERY child can play music no matter their financial circumstances or where they go to school. PLUS all gifts up to $5,000 will be matched by an anonymous JazzED donor!

Here are JUST A FEW of the things your donation makes possible:

  • Scholarships so that no kid is ever turned away
  • Instruments so that every kid gets to play
  • Free music assemblies in schools
  • Free Summer Jazz Prep Camp so that every kid who wants to learn music can start with no barriers to entry

Schedule your GiveBIG donation starting April 27
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Donate $100 or more on GiveBIG day and get a limited-edition hand-silk screened JazzED poster by the artist Amos Kennedy.

Amos Kennedy in his Detroit studio

Amos Kennedy in his Detroit studio


Our poster proudly proclaims: "Jazz is a Black American art form shared by every culture - using improvisation and individual interpretation as powerful means of expression...A music born of struggle and resiliency...striving for freedom and peace."

β†’ Watch our NEW video where students share how JazzED has made a difference in their life. Think of the impact you can have on kids with a matched GiveBIG donation!