How it works
Selected combos get their own monthly coaching session, performance and leadership opportunities and a final performance in the spring.

In return, combos host a monthly jam session and do 1-3 gigs on behalf of Seattle JazzED in the community. Combos must have one parent/guardian liaison available by cell phone on gig days.

Coaching Schedule
Each combo will get their own professional coach, who will work with them once a month for seven months. Each coaching session runs from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM on one Friday per month; i.e. Combo 1 gets coached on the first Friday of each month, Combo 2 gets coached on the second Friday of each month, etc.

If an All-Star Combo completes 3 community gigs, they will be paid a $30 stipend each for every additional gig booked through Seattle JazzED.

Coaching and jam sessions will take place at the MLK FAME Community Center at 3201 E Republican St in the Madison Valley neighborhood. Gigs can take place anywhere in the Seattle area.

Open to students in grades 9-12 only. Students can register with a preexisting combo, but may have a kid or two added. Every student must submit a registration form. There is a place on the form to note if you are part of a preexisting combo. Students who don't have a combo yet can still register and be placed in one by JazzED.

$250 per student - Payment plans and financial aid are available.

Financial Aid
If the tuition is too expensive for you, please apply for financial aid online. If you have any questions about financial aid or payment plans, contact us. We are committed to making it work for every family.

Email Kelly Barr Clingan at